DC Universe Online Beta Impression - It's Pretty Damn Good

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Server Side  - PvP or PvE  

You can decide if you want to play like you normally should (PvP), or be a care bear pussy bitch.  Don't be a fucking care bear. 

Character Creator - Hero v. Villain 

It's really complicated or really simple, it's all based on you.  You can make a classic super hero of your dreams, or you can go all out and make it all from base.  You can set personality, themes, styles, etc.  Also, you can pick between Flight, Speed, or Movement (jumping high and shit) from the very start.  The music is really this epic kind of sci-fi theme with a sexy robot lady telling you what to do.  It's nice, and much better than any other MMO I played.  You can pick your side, and you have to.  It determines your faction. 


It plays like a third person shooter.  I shit you not.  All your attacks are done from clicking like you would in a shooter.  You can pick between physicals or from guns/range.  Yes, there is a hot-bar for "spells", but they're pretty much all buffs/de-buffs.  All your attacks are from comboing attacks like you would in a shooter.  Keep this in mind as you make your class.   Also note that playing this game with a trackpad is a fucking bitch...you can't play shooters with a trackpad.  :\
You can fly (if you picked it as your trait) from one key "F", and it's pretty fluid and hella fast.  Faster than walking, so I dunno why people would even use their feet if they picked flying as their trait.  I guess for all the instanced stuff, you need to walk due to the low ceiling hight.  :\  

Powers - None (Batman + Gadgets + Technology), Elements, or Psi (I Dunno Anyone Like That)  

You can decide if you want to have an elemental base, or be like batman and just use tech.  This doesn't determine your weapon, it just determines your tech-tree.  So you can be a gunner while having no powers (stick to gadgets), or be a gunner while sticking with a fire base powers.  It's all up to you, and there's a lot of shit.

Sound - Kinda Janky In Game But Menu Music Is Great + Voice Acting

It sounds great when it's not janky.  It's pretty good, and what you'd expect.  The voice acting though, holy shit...I know it's not The Old Republic, but if this is a taste of what Bioware will bring, then damn...all MMOs from now on need Voice Acting. 

Overall - If This Has No Monthly Fees for PC + PS3, Then I Buy

I'm really enjoying it.  Surprised me when I started to play.  I'm gonna pop in my mouse and play some more while I put WoW on hold.  If you got questions, ask away.  I'll see if I can post some images in a "sly" manner that wouldn't get me in trouble.
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game sounds really fun and good and also is lvling up quick or long. 
screenshots would be nice but i understand if you cant post them.

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@badderman: It looks like mobs don't get you EXP but it's the Quests you do.  You start off in an instance and while you'll there you only get exp when you do the objectives.  It looks like it's the same way once you're out of the lowbie tutorial.   

Screen Shot, Hold Up Shield For Protection!
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ok thanx and cool hero/villain 

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Only thing I'm wondering is if this will have a monthly cost or not. Looks neat so far.

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@Azteck: On the beta forums it said it's still up in the air.
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@KaosAngel: I really hope it's not. If that's the case then I might just look into it.
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Yeah, if this doesn't have a monthly fee I'll definitely check it out.

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hows the testing going, is there anything you hate about it and also can you tell us what iconic powers there are.

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I jus got into the closed beta myself. This game rocks. I've been playing City of Heroes since release and I did not like Champions Online, BUT, DCUO (imo) does alot right. Theres alot of bugs obviously but so far it's shaping up nicely I must say. Can't wait to see the full content once the release date approaches. PS: does anyone know if preorders can save their characters at all? Jus curious cuz my characters are sweet and I dn't want to lose them. :D
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@KaosAngel: Curious if you played City of Heroes/Villains, and if so, how this compares.  Also:  Graphics?
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@badderman: The iconic powers you get later down the road, but if your trainer is Batman you'll more than likely get his gadgets or Superman's powers if you use his.  Again, all of this is completely dependent on you and you can do whatever powers you want at the end. 
@melcene: It's pretty PvP heavy at times during bad times of the day.  You could always find people finding off each other from both sides.  It plays more like a shooter than a point and click, to be honest there is no clicking aside from firing your attacks. 
Graphically it looks like  a decent PS3 game.  Nothing crazy but it looks like Batman AA if I was to compare it.
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 the monthly fees are what could break this for me, i really really loved city of villains and this sounds amazing, but i can afford this if it has monthly fees, on top of my wow fees     
but i just checked the steam page for it and found this 

 " A valid credit card is required to play this game and additional, recurring subscription fees apply. " 

 sooo i guess i wont be buying this   
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@KaosAngel said:
Nothing crazy but it looks like Batman AA if I was to compare it. "

Both the art style and technical details are completely different.
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@KaosAngel: I'm a little confused about your comment that the game plays more like a 3rd person shooter than a traditional MMO 
Is it something like R-Click select target and L-Click to attack while mashing number keys to activate buffs/powers or is it R-Click select target and L-Click the hot-bar to attack and activate abilities? 
Could you explain in a little more detail :)
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@Hamz: You move with WASD, and AD straff.  You aim/turn like you would on a KB+M FPS.  Space Jumps, and "f" toggles flight.   
You don't select targets BUT you can auto-lock by pushing "tab" (at least for my shortcut) and it stays locked onto the target so you just hold down the left mouse button to fire your gun or hammer down on spell keys from 1-0.  You don't have to auto-lock, and can straight up go in like a shooter.    
You do almost all your attacking by hammering down on the left mouse button to fire guns or punch, while moving around like you would in a shooter.
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Are there many knockoffs running around like a Bat-Lad or a Seafoam Lantern or anything?

#18 Posted by ManlyBeast (1184 posts) -

Just played for about an hour and I'm diffidently buying the game when it comes out.

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would like to have more character customization like Champions Online (didn't play COH)
but the combat really nailed the super hero feel
This. Is how post 2010 fantasy MMOs should play like.

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Kinda shocked by all the positive feedback, I got into the beta and after playing for an hour I couldn't stand it. The lack of customization and the controls just killed it for me.

#21 Posted by KaosAngel (13763 posts) -
@shiro11 said:
" Kinda shocked by all the positive feedback, I got into the beta and after playing for an hour I couldn't stand it. The lack of customization and the controls just killed it for me. "
What don't you like about it?  It feels fresh, and sure it's not perfect but with a few months and hopefully a F2P structure, it could be hella solid. 
I enjoy the controls a lot.  I like that they went with the shooter approach rather than the normal MMO way.
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there's bonuses for pre order :
3 items for hero and 3 others for villain

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Customisation seems very limited, but am I right in assuming more is unlocked as you progress?  I quite like the idea of starting as a rather basic hero and being able to upgrade him with better costumes and equipment later on.  But if that's all you have for the whole game, I'm not impressed. 
Would have liked to get into the beta still, it looks fun..  But I'd definitely not pay a monthly fee for it, especially with so many other MMO's going free to play and Guild Wars 2 (hopefully) coming next year.
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@KaosAngel said:

" I like that they went with the shooter approach rather than the normal MMO way. "

Yeah that has definitely piqued my interest (to the point that I wish I signed up for PSPlus just long enough to get into the beta).
I played WoW for two and a half years, I don't need another clone, it's great to hear this is different.
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Does anyone else have issues with this freezing on PS3?

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My ps3 do freeze randomly after some time.
And I don't really get the feel of a shooter. More one of an hack and slash with square/triangle for weak/strong attack and L2/R2 + button to use ability/item. I guess it depends on which type of character you do. Since I'm dual wielding it feel more like a regular action game.

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I can't wait to play this once it is done patching. I can't decide whether I should start off with Green Arrow or Martian Manhunter as my "mentor" for my first character though.

#28 Posted by ImpendingFoil (555 posts) -
Unfortunately you can only have Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman as your mentor.  You can pick to have your character stylized to appear as other characters though.  I picked that I wanted to look like Green Arrow and then changed the costume from there.
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I suggest that you don't spend a ton of time with the character customization (like I did). It might be worth it for the face and overall physique, but don't put too much time into your costume. There's so much loot that within 30 minutes my guy looked nothing like the guy I started with. I wanted wings, but now I have a cape with better stat boosts. Kinda made the 'Archangel' vibe I was going for seem pretty fruitless.
Fun, and easy to play MMO so far, but no way I'd pay a monthly fee for it.

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@ImpendingFoil: Is that just because its only a beta?
#31 Posted by ImpendingFoil (555 posts) -
@SpiritOf:  You don't have to change your appearance to change your equipment.
@zAMERICANLIONz:  No.  Martian Manhunter has a lot of voice work though because he sends you on all sorts of missions.
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I played it on the ps3 for 3 days. Crashed 4 times and was very limited in powers choice. 
Played like Champions online, just slower and with the DC licence. 

#33 Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar (1130 posts) -
@ImpendingFoil: Oh I was under the impression that you would be able to pick any of the super heroes or villains as a mentor.
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Apparently this is going to have a $15 a month subscription fee for PC & PSN, I found the info on IGN's website.

#35 Posted by Rockdalf (1293 posts) -
@MetalMoog said:
" Apparently this is going to have a $15 a month subscription fee for PC & PSN, I found the info on IGN's website. "
Of course it does.  In what world would anything that resembles the modern MMO in the slightest not ask for a monthly fee.  What convincing evidence, slight deviation from the past, was people in this thread smoking.  If it follows the MMO formula, IT WILL HAVE A MONTHLY FEE.  If they say they're considering it IT WILL HAVE A MONTHLY FEE.  They don't pitch these game ideas to companies and licenses and say "we could or could not charge a monthly fee."  When you're a game developer, you make games for MONEY, and when you develop an MMO you do so with the intent of charging with a monthly fee.  I'd swear there was some kind of Ponzi scheme behind these things.
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The thing that really sucks about a monthly fee is that it totally removes any chance of this being a "Screw it, I'll give it a go" impulse buy for me.

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