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Ok, honestly the trophies are pretty straight forward (do this and boom), but for the one "Earn a platinum medal in any race". I earned a platinum trophy in the race right outside the villain night club place. I am a free to play member, is that was is causing me to not earn the trophy?

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I got that trophy with the first available race but I was playing the retail version at the time. You might want to check their sites forums since the people there are pretty die hard about the game.

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I'm fairly certain with the game going F2P they changed the trophies in the game. I noticed earlier that I now have fewer trophies to get compared to when I first bought the game.

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I just started on F2P and didn't get that trophy. Threw them a few bucks to go to Premium, still no trophy. Bummer.

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You can only unlock trophies with the Legendary membership (monthly payment), it kinda sucks. I learned this after getting my second character to 30 and not unlocking the two trophies I should have gotten.

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