[PC] I'm In!

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Alright folks...those of you who can relate to the title of this topic, then you rock lul. Anyways, I got a character called Redshade on the Virtue&Vice server which is appearing to be the "unofficial" RP server which doesn't bother me or anything...anyone on the same or a different server? I wanna see the superpowered side of the GB community! :P

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I'm in! sorta. Kinda just rebooted my computer for the third time in 'bout forty five minutes of game time. It locks up, god dammit it locks up hard. Also kinda have to start from the beginning every time. Slightly upsetting.
But whatever, it's day one.

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Yeah, playing on Virtue, like old times in City of Heroes.   Virtue was the unofficial RP server in CoH as well - I played there because the RP nerds scared the more annoying players back to Free-dumb.  I don't want to do a lot of in-character conversation, but I do want to respect the premise abit and play with people who know the game systems well.
Hopefully Virtue and Vice will be similar.   At the moment I have Malaena and Rhanjiit on V&V, but at this point I'm just sampling some of the powersets.
Honestly, playing this game all last night (nightshift worker with the night off here) really made me nostalgic for my time with my brother in CoH.
Character creation (super-limited when compared to CoH), bad UI, and terrible chat implementation are the biggest problems so far IMO.
The less 'combat dance' more 'kinda like a normal non-MMO' combat seems pretty good at this point.  The licensed characters and VO are welcome features.
I play these games with my brother, we duo'd in CoH/V all the time, so I was just effing confused by the fact that I wasn't getting any XP playing with him for a few hours -- turns out because his patron was Batman and mine was Wonder Woman, all the starter quests were different and didn't share.  SO BUSTED compared to long established ways of doing group play in CoH, Champions, and IIRC a little game called WOW.  
Desired fixes in order: 
1) Real grouping
2) Figure out a less cumbersome chat setup
3) Offer alternative minimized UI elements.
Having some fun still, not as much as hoped.  I am hopeful that they will continue to tweak and fix as they go.

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