[PC] Server?

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I just bought DCUO for the PC, and know jack-shit about it. 
The idea is to get people to post here to check how many PC players there are, and when the time comes, what server we will be on. I realize there is no server list as of this posting. Looking at this forum, I can't imagine there are many PC players. :( 
Also, we'll make guilds if we have enough 
Edit: NM, probably won't roll on same server

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A friend and I are going to be on PC. No idea what server yet because as of this post the game has yet to launch.

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Just bought it of steam, staring into a four hour download at the moment, really exciting. 
As for servers, I haven't even been close to a computer running an mmo since the early days of WoW, so excuse my ignorance but how does an international community like ours tackle something like that?

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@Frelst: Everyone agrees to play on ether the Canadian or European servers and hope those on the other side of the world stay up late.
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I assume we just play where the majority is. However, since there doesn't seem to be many PC players on here, I don't think it'll be a problem.

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I'm 3.3GB of 9.0 through the download now, not sure what server choices there'll be but I'll be on a EU English one.

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@theguyfromspark said:
" I'm 3.3GB of 9.0 through the download now, not sure what server choices there'll be but I'll be on a EU English one. "
Gah, ok 
Perhaps we'll have two servers, one for EU one for NA...
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makes sense, so, where are we located people? I'm EU myself.
75% and counting.

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I'll be on NA. I'll be glad to join you guys, probably be a small group though, lol.

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Well, I'm on a PvE server, number 9. I know a lot of dudes want PvP, so if you guys wanna roll there that's fine and I'll join

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