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The Greatest Super Hero Game Ever! 0

DC Universe Online available on PS3 & PC  as well as for digital download via Sony PSN Store to your PS3 & Valves Steam to your PC  Monthly fee subscription required  DCUO is easily one of the best super hero/villain style games I've ever played  I actually feel as though I'm that character making a difference whether or not it's "good or evil"  & I'm actually apart of the Universe that is the DC Comics Series  As with any MMO it does have a few rough edges that is to be expected wit...

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My review 0

Dc universe online is very fun but it just doesn't keep my  attention. The fighting system is okay... I feel like there should be more melee moves. I feel like there should be more powers also. The PVP is not that good in  my opinion. But the game is good. just not good enough to pay 50$ for the disk then paying 10$ a month...

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I'm Batman, and you are too. 0

Quick Pros and Cons:  + Fun, action oriented combat with a good combo system and nice role/power interactions. Different power trees play differently enough to roles to make them worthwhile.+ Varied missions, interesting story arcs, and well designed dungeons/instances/encounters. A nice queue/matchmaking system for getting Alerts together.+ Huge, impressive cities that have a lot of cool and unique areas to them, while still looking like actual cities. Lots of exploration and investigation poin...

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Powered by the Yellow Sun 0

             After playing World of Warcraft for half a decade and finding no other contenders to its mighty money throne, I was resigned to the idea that Blizzard would be getting $15 a month to fill my MMO addiction. I had high hopes for Champions Online, since I’d rather be a superhero than a gnome warrior but, to put it bluntly, that game was a monstrosity, completely uninteresting and at times unplayable. Soul-crushing as it was, its failure can be contrasted by the great experience that is...

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DC Universe Online Review 0

DC Universe Online is a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) for the PC (and soon the PlayStation 3), in which you get to create your own Super hero, or villain and take on many of the different famous locales in DC comics. You will be divided into either the hero faction or the villain faction. You'll get to see one another on the battle field of PvP battles. Graphically you can easily see that they wanted to go with a comic book style type of game. Your character creator has its ups and downs...

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Brainiac Rises 0

Growing up, I always dreamed of being a superhero. I wore a blue blanket around my neck as a cape and ran around the house vanquishing invisible enemies with what I perceived as martial arts, but that my parents probably thought might be closer to some kind of interpretive dance (I’ve always been a very uncoordinated individual). So, it makes some sense that the only MMORPGs I ever had any real interest in were the ones that let me make my own superhero. Great MMORPGs are supposed to be able to...

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DCU has some good ideas, but it feels a bit shallow 0

Pros:-Good character creation and customization-It's free-Open and massive world to exploreCons:-Combat is dull and lacks depth-Quests lack variety-Item and menu system is confusing and unorganizedDC Universe Online is a free open world MMO that let's you create any kind of character you choose. While the game has some great ideas, it's execution is flawed, and it hinders what could have been something truly amazing.You begin the game making your character, the choices are vast and there are ple...

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Batman would look elsewhere... 0

So, I'll set up some backstory for this one. My brother bought this game totally out of the blue, a game that I have pretty much decided sucked before I saw or played it. I sat down and tried the first fifteen minutes on his account, and that combined with the fact another of my buddies had it, made me impulse buy. So this game that I decided to get after playing must have been fun, right? It must be a good MMO worth the $50 over Steam and a recurring monthly fee? Right? Meet Enduring Free...

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