shinjiex's DC Universe Online (PlayStation 3) review

The Greatest Super Hero Game Ever!

DC Universe Online available on PS3 & PC 
as well as for digital download via Sony PSN Store to your PS3 & Valves Steam to your PC 
Monthly fee subscription required
DCUO is easily one of the best super hero/villain style games I've ever played 
I actually feel as though I'm that character making a difference whether or not it's "good or evil" 
& I'm actually apart of the Universe that is the DC Comics Series
As with any MMO it does have a few rough edges that is to be expected with such games but with update patches here & their such bugs will be a thing of the past
Pro +
+ Create any character you want your only limited by your imagination whether you play as a good or evil person
+ Help & Face off with iconic characters from the DC Universe such as Batman & Joker
+ Real time fast pace combat system with lots of variety swords guns fist etc. fight how you want to fight
+ The best super human flying controls ever
+ Explore the massif beautiful cities of Gotham & Metropolis + The Justice League Tower
+ On the fly quest system no looking for quest givers
+ Easily one of the best looking MMO's out their with no frame rate brake at all even running at super sonic speeds
+ High replay value with up to 16 characters thanks to the great story missions
+ No reading walls of text messages! Everything for the most part is done through voice dialog and arrow indicators   
Negative -
- Level date of launch set at 30 you can reach fairly faster then usual the max level
- Minor glitches and some reported freeze ups 
- $15 dollars to play per month
- No Offline Mode
- Can not jump server worlds your locked in with that character you choose to invest in on that server world
- Item Inventory System Setup is a bit dated & cliche could be confusing to those new to MMO's
- No personal space/home for setting up your character or pimping out your crib

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