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In this action-Packed game, You can create your own virtual character and Bring it into battle! Competing In Local or Oversea countries you Gain countless victories as you defeat Millions of Players Worldwide. Also, You can defeat the almighty Bosses in Boat Yard including Run Run Chicken, Ant Cave, Gulu Kingdom, And many more! Level up your characters as you complete complex Tasks including special Events made by the Server.

Royal Spa


Had enough of your battles? Instead of risking the chance to lose in battle, Gain the EXP whilst Relaxing in a Royal Spa for 10000 Gold. You get 60 Minutes in Spa if you are a standard Player. However if you purchase or Win VIP Membership you have the Privilege of staying in Spa for 120 Minutes!

Wedding Chapel

Once someone has accepted Proposal, Two Players have the chance to hold a Wedding at the Chapel. Like reality, a Ceremony Is held and everyone is united in the joy that someone's happiness starts. After the Ceremony, You can visit the Moon Gaze Balcony and see the Stars of the night light up the entire sky. BONUS: All Married Couples gain extra EXP from battles and gain more rewards when winning Them!

Firing Range

DDTANK Firing Range Selection

Your aiming a bit rusty in battle? Come here to practice and watch as your skills improve dramatically. (For Level 15+).



Want to buy the newest fashion or Equipment? Head here to buy a variety of quality Items of your choice.

Game Hall

DDTANK Game Hall Example

Go here and get ready to battle many other players In Sport Fights or If in a League, League Fight with your other members and gain Glory and Wealth constantly!

Boat Yard

DDTANK Boatyard Example

Go here and select your destination for battle! Work together to beat Many mysterious Creatures and Bosses! Will Ant Cave be your destination? Or will you Challenge The Gulus of Gulu Kingdom? There is so many opportunities!

Video of 3.0

This is the Link for the video showing the features of DDTANK 3.0:

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