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Kid Game...but good Kid Game

de Blob 2I legitimately loved the original de Blob game. Sure, it had a definite "Tech demo" vibe for it...but, man, I thought the game was a lot of fun with a few issues here and there. When a sequel was announced, I was pretty darned excited. When they announced it was multi-platform, I was ecstatic. I was looking forward to seeing what the developer could pull off with the first one under its belt.

The storyline is just a wee bit goofy. The Inkt Corporation and Comrade Black has taken all of the color from the world and it's up to Blob and Pinkie to bring it all back. The story is just silliness...but it is fun silliness. It is enjoyable silliness. The story, honestly, is superfluous. The game is TOTALLY style over substance.

...and, for a major rarity, this works wonderfully. The game is LOADED with style.

You are tasked with going through multiple levels, performing tasks (with plenty of side tasks if you wish to engage in them) and bringing color back to the Graydians. The levels are easier to navigate than in the original, but are still large areas. You're looking at a nearly hour long process to do everything in each level. This brings up the game's biggest problem --- you don't have much mission variety. Its all "paint these buildings" or "get to this 'dungeon' and beat the baddies before hitting the transform globe". Not riveting and some later levels (looking at you "House of Fun") are fairly tedious...but this problem doesn't kill the game.

One of the nicer touches is that each color also has a matching musical style. Its not ostentatious, but it is a nice detail.

This is a kids game. It is really, really easy. You will die due to sloppiness here and there, but level failure is hard to do. The time limit they give you is so generous that it is a non issue. To be honest, the camera (which is bad) will cause more deaths than anything else. There are tons of collectibles for those who love that sort of thing.

I doubt there is much left for this franchise to do...but I would likely love any sequels. Its like Katamari for me. Give it a try.

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