200 things you have learned from dead island riptide !

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so let's get this started !

1: zombies LOVE to play dead

2: when u die u bribe god with some cash to bring you to life !

3: fire knives never run out of petrol !

4: you can set zombies on fire IN water !

5: screw weapons ! shoes is the best thing to kill a zombie !

6: 1 nail for the nail gun costs more than a 9mm pistol !

7: black chinese girls are hot xD

8: u never know the difference between a thug and a normal infected unless u are very close !

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9: Spaces go before exclamation points .

10: my sister makes over 4000 dollars a week working from home

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11. Help! I've fallen into an imdb thread and I can't get out!

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