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The fine folks over at Game Informer have a small previewy video over on their site with Deep Silver's creative producer Sebastian Reichert, where he speaks to some of the new and improved aspects to 2011's Dead Island. In brief he mentions that you will be able to import your character from the old game, keeping your level. Co-op has been revamped so if a level 40 character and a level 2 player are playing together, the same zombie will appear as level 40 for the former and level 2 for the latter. Other topics include changes with fire arms, having a drivable boat that you will use to traverse new locations and it appears there will be some 'stand-in-one-area-and-fend-off-zombies' sections in the game as well (which I'm not to thrilled by).

But defense missions aside I am very excited for this new iteration, being a fan of the original game. I thought the melee combat was actually quite fun and the RPG elements work really well, and will hopefully be improved upon. So what about you guys, are you excited for the sequel? Were you disappointed by the original? I personally am interested to see how the characters from the first game found themselves on another, if not the same, tropical island infested by zombies.

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I'm stoked as shit about Riptide. I picked up Dead Island during the Steam Summer Sale, and recently I just got a new gaming rig. Therefore, I was able to finally play it max'd out. The game is gorgeous, and they've done a lot of work to make it both relatively stable and still fun as shit. Every time I dive into the game, I get lost for hours on end without realizing it. Giving me more of that? Yes please!

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Is the level cap higher? It'd be rather shitty if you bring in a fully maxed Dead Island character that you can't level anymore into the new game.

And honestly, I can't see it being a really good and polished game coming out so soon after the first one, especially considering how buggy the first one was.

I still enjoyed the original though

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@SomeDeliCook: Well, considering the game doesn't even have a tentative release date, I'm guessing it wouldn't be out at least until summer 2013, which would be a 2 year gap between the two games, which isn't really that soon. I don't disagree with you that it won't be buggy, unless they make drastic changes to the engine I assume it still will be somewhat janky.

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The game just got an official release date (from Polygon): April 23rd 2013 in the US, and then 3 days later in other territories.

Alongside the release date, Deep Silver also revealed two bonus editions that potential players will be able to pick up at launch. The Pre-order Edition (which, appropriate, is available to pre-order now) contains "an exclusive pack of weapon mods that allows even more, manifold ways to dispose of the ghastly zombie hordes on Palanai island." Details on the identity of those weapons have not been released.
Also available is the Special Retailers Edition, which contains an alternate character skin "not obtainable anywhere else," and an alternate packshot. This edition will only be available at "selected retail partners," which also have not been announced at the time of this writing.

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