Riptide get its own depressing CGI trailer!

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It doesn't quite hit as hard as the original, though. Especially since now this is much more predictable and easily identifiable as 'just another Dead Island CGI trailer that will most likely fail to capture what the game is actually about'. We're basically going through the (e)motions, only this time time it doesn't pull on the heartstrings quite as much. Besides the fact that this is the second one of these, the music, the backwards narrative and of course watching a child kill her own family made for a more haunting and sombre trailer than this one I think. But hey, least now people won't be suckered in by this like they were the first.

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Yeah, sadly this one does not provide the same impact as the first one did. I think they are trying to establish a style, which is not even present in their game. I wonder, do they even know what their game is about?

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@Coafi: Yeah the difference in tone between the trailer and the actual game was just ridiculous. I think it's still an amazing trailer and more importantly a beautiful short film that stands on it's own better then it does as an advertisement.

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Defo' not as much of an impact of the first, but still decent.

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I muted it and was listening to Kreayshawn over the top, it was an ok trailer. They should have twerked.

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