What is the main reason you feel the Dead Island: Riptide statue is sexist?

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This thread is a bad idea.

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Personally, I thought it might be interesting.  The main thing that I took away from that article is that many of the women focused far too much on WHY the statue was sexist and offensive towards women, instead of just calling it disrespectful to ALL gamers in general.   
I see things like this, and it just reconfirms the fact that I never tell anyone I play video games until I find out that they do first.  Non-gamers see things like this and it just lowers their already low opinion of video games as a hobby, and anyone who enjoys playing them. 

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Well, maybe.

But much like the bust itself, your intent is a little naive.

This will simply turn into a maelstrom of incessant arguing and people refusing to see eachother's perspective.

I'm also not really sure the subject at hand is as simple as choosing from 10 different choices in a poll. This is a complicated issue - which is part of the problem.

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Do we need more of this?

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Fucking hell, let it die, flagged.

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That too.

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I know this is a poll and everything, but let's not split the discussion into yet another topic on a subject that most of us are sick to death of already.


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