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Is More of the Same a Bad Thing? 0

After seeing it’s fair share of pre release controversy, the series that hasn't been afraid to get people talking is back. Dead Island Riptide looks to reignite the open world zombie RPG genre once again, a mere 18 months after the first game was released that divided audiences after one of the most memorable game trailers of recent years. So now that the talk is over and the game is finally here was it worth the trouble? Techland return with a solid effort that feels like more of the same than...

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More of the same, yeah, it sounds like a bad case of deja vu, but that is exactly what Dead Island: Riptide is. 0

In an industry that likes to shout out about making things bigger, improving mechanics to make games better or coming up with an innovative idea, it’s highly amusing that the sequel to 2011’s rather popular Dead Island seems to throw away the concept of a sequel and return with a game that is amazingly identical to the first. After playing through Dead Island: Riptide, I can see why the game was not given the number two at the end of its name, and instead, ended up being called a spin-off title ...

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Does Dead Island Riptide breathe new life into the zombie game genre? Or is it just as dead as the zombies in it? 0

Let's Review: Dead Island Riptide (Video Review)*Please note: This review is taken directly from the video review linked above :). Hope you guys enjoy! :D*Start trailer for Dead Island Riptide*Ooooh no, I’m not falling for that sh*t again! How dare you Dead Island. Fool me once… shame on you. But fool me twice… shame on me. Ya bastards! Do you guys remember when the first Dead Island trailer was released?*Start trailer for Dead Island*It was such an emotionally moving trailer, telling the story ...

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Who Knew Zombie Killing Could Be So Expensive? 0

The crumbling of society and the conflicts of survivors trying to maintain some degree of civilization amidst chaos makes for interesting stories, regardless of how many times we have played through such events. Zombies have repeatedly pulled us back in, whether they are in the form of Telltale’s The Walking Dead series, Call of Duty‘s wildly popular Zombie Mode, Arma 2‘s fantastic mod Day Z, or in the latest undead experience, Techland’s Dead Island franchise.The set up for the first Dead Isla...

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