Day 'one' Patched yet? (Xbox)

#1 Posted by Draugrim (147 posts) -

Thinking of buying this today, has the initial unfucking patch landed on X360 yet?

#2 Posted by Draugrim (147 posts) -

Bought it, haven't played it yet but after installing and booting it up there was no patch as of very late Friday (9/9).

#3 Posted by BasketSnake (1624 posts) -

I didn't see any patch either. Played last night with a friend for five and a half hours. We didn't experience much problems except the usual pop-ins and clipping errors. The game has bugs like any other game. After watching the quicklook I decided to just go with analogue setup and after a couple of hours you really get into it. I haven't even tried the normal controls. I'm not noticing much screen tearing at all. Framerate is solid throughout and the dreaded headbobbing wasn't a problem at all. The game looks, feels and plays exactly how I'd imagined.

#4 Posted by Redbullet685 (6310 posts) -

No, but apparently the PS3 one did come today, and ruins game saves.

#5 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (658 posts) -

I started playing the game last night, and I have not experienced any game shattering problems. I do hope the patch is held off on the 360 if it is going to have similar troubles to the PS3 one. Also, I am really liking the game.

#6 Posted by UnrealDP (1259 posts) -


Phew, so glad the PS3 took the hit for the Xbox. I would have been screwed if 360 had gotten that!

#7 Edited by Mutley (350 posts) -

It hasn't happened to me yet, but just to warn you the game can fuck up your saves and you could lose hours of progress.

I was at my mate's house yesterday, he did a quest, saw the checkpoint sign and went back in the main menu. To check if it worked he went back in the game and it took 4 hours before where he was at that point making him lose like 4 hours of progress.

It was hilarious seeing him go ape shit over it but it is definitely a piss take losing so many hours of progress

#8 Posted by Creamypies (4169 posts) -

Where the fuck is this "day one" patch?! I am loving this game, but it does seem super buggy at times.

#9 Posted by CraigAA1028 (651 posts) -

It only seems buggy because it is :)

#10 Posted by applet0n (702 posts) -
@CraigAA: How very astute of you. Try adding something to the conversation next time.
#11 Posted by CraigAA1028 (651 posts) -
@applet0n: Ok, the patch still isn't out. I've added. Go me.
#12 Posted by harinosho (680 posts) -

so the same things happens on xbox huh, to solve the saving issue on the ps3 you got to sign out of psn and set the game to single player is the setting, works fine when tested, maybe that could help you guys out, if you dont mind not playing with a friend that is.

#13 Posted by Kombat (2291 posts) -

Jesus, where is the patch? I am refusing to move forward with the game until it has been released. Microsoft certification is taking a ridiculous amount of time.

#14 Posted by Draugrim (147 posts) -

Patched on X360, in case anyone missed the other thread.

#15 Posted by McShank (1656 posts) -

Xbox makes patching it a real pain. PS3 is patched now, and PC is running without any game breaking glitches. I have found one with sam B that can give you a TON of xp.. **Get a blunt weapon with alot of force. **Find a thug. **Break both arms. ** Break both legs continuously till he dies. If you have the 4x xp bonus for breaking bones then you will get a TON of xp off 1 mob. I got half a level last night (lvl30 atm) off 1 thug since you cant "cripple" a zombie's legs. But you can break its legs as many times as it still lives. I was getting about 1250 every time i broke a bone which i had broke both arms and each of its legs about 5 times each. 1thug = 16000+ xp each.

#16 Posted by Detrian (1134 posts) -

Why would anyone blow 3 skill points and time doing that when everything scales with you? God only knows.

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