Dead Island Book.

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Did anybody get the Dead Island book?

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I should have guessed that there was a book since every single pile of books in the game was topped with one called Dead Island: A True Story.
I guess this means Vinny is never going to play this game in his free time since he has so many other franchises' books to burn through first.

#3 Posted by DeF (4778 posts) -

oh snap, there's a book? is it any good?

#4 Posted by Getz (2986 posts) -

I really have zero interest in the story of Dead Island.

#5 Posted by amir90 (2153 posts) -

Nope I won't, I think a random guy will come by and skip the page(cutscenes).

#6 Posted by Krampus (141 posts) -

The game isn't a story game, it's a killing zombies game. I wish they had character creation instead of just the four characters who's backgrounds don't matter.

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