Dead Island loading to black screen

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Hey folks, just posting this up in case anyone (like me) got real frustrated when starting up the game and getting stuck in blackscreen for 5+ minutes, and at google's failure to find useful answers. It turns out the pre-menu logos dislike multiple monitors, and just disconnecting any secondary monitors until reaching main menu solved the problem for me. Hopefully next time someone searches this problem, they'll find this and save some time.

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Absolutely zero problems with my multimon rig. What you need to do is go to ...\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\DeadIsland\out\Settings and open VIDEO.SCR in a text editor. Now mess around with the Monitor line and see if you can get it working.
Like I said, mine works fine at the default 0 setting, but maybe you need to try -1 or 1. Disconnecting a monitor is NOT an acceptable solution.

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@MrKlorox: *shrug* matter of perference. For me, messing around in text file settings without an exact change is not an acceptable solution, but I'm perfectly happy to press a button when I start the game.

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@Donos: You can disconnect your monitor by pressing a button? That sounds like some future technology shit right there. Most people would have to yank a cable.
Pretty certain everybody else would rather change a single digit number in a text file once than climb behind their computer twice, every time they want to play this game.
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@MrKlorox: By the vaguaries of 3 year old TVs just powering the thing off for a couple seconds works for me, what matters is only having one screen detect on startup. If other people's setups are less convenient that's fine, I'm just offering a simple solution. I should point out that file format isn't standard windows, so anyone looking for the lasting fix should go find the appropriate program to open a .scr

Edit: huh apparently it should open in notepad, where the heck is my option?

Double edit: There it goes, man this computer is weird.

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A quick google also shows a solution on the dead island forums that worked for me

Go to: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dead island

Right click on "DeadIslandGame.exe" and select properties.

Under "Compatibility," check "Disable desktop composition."

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@TinyGrasshopper Thank you do much, that fixed it for me. Great solution!

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