DLC Finally Out!! Anyone still playing?

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So the DLC for Dead Island, Bloodbath Arena, is FINALLY out after being announced before the games release. But I am wondering, does anyone actually care at this point. I had a ton of fun with this game when it came out, even with all the super frustrating parts that came along with it. But after playing through the first chapter multiple times, after already beating it trying to get all the achievements I found myself unable to play anymore of the story to grind out the get to level 50 achievement, so I was patiently waiting for new content to hit the level cap with. But after delaying this so many times, and a bunch of new amazing games coming out, do any of you giant bombers actually care, or is this collecting dust on the marketplace as everyone is slaying dragons and strapping it on. Also, no trailer for the DLC? That seems to be a rarity this day and age.

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@david3cm said:

does anyone actually care at this point.

I'm wondering the same thing. Dead Island seemed like a flash-in-the-pan. I stopped hearing anyone talk about it around the time the GB crew did their infamous truck TNT.

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I'm going to give it a go but I havent touched it since all the multiplayer issues, so if its still the same I wont be playing long.

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I really loved Dead Island, one of the best games of the year. But I've moved on from Dead Island now, besides isn't it just arena combat?

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@Hizang: It's not just arena combat, it's bloodbath arena combat. Im guessing they are pretty much the same thing though.

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...I can most certainly sympathize with you...it was quite a grind to get that last achievement for level 50. But I did it.

Sigh....I feel like I should make some sort of effort to snag the new achievements to claim my righteously-earned S-Rank, but yeah, not sure if I can take Dead Island arena combat.


Got the DLC and the achievements. It was NOT worth the ten bucks.

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