Does this game WANT me to like it?

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It sucks when you are so in love with a game, and you boot it up only to have one unlucky experience that turns you off completely. This seems to be happening over and over for this game, I want to love it so bad, but I have a hard time believing I'll finish the game, let alone play through it a few more times on different characters.

This is what happened to me (on a few occasions). If you choose to play as Logan, you are literally deciding to cripple yourself for the rest of the game. It's not even that his stats/skills are bad, it's bad game mechanics. For a person that's supposed to specialize in throwing weapons, the game sure likes to go out of it's way to make sure it kills you after you've thrown your two maces and a machete at a thug (don't even get me started on Thugs) before it kills you, then spawns you BACK AT THE CHURCH. And it's not like you can find your way back to get your blues because there are NO RECOGNIZABLE FEATURES in that freaking map. Just the same city block OVER AND OVER again.

I'm considering re-rolling and going with a different character that maybe isn't so jank. I'd like to check out Purna, but seeing how fucked their "all-rounder" character is, I feel like any more specialized character will just be more fucked. From what I can tell, Sam B is the way to go.

Anybody have any insight/suggestions/ideas/flames/their own stories that make you want to quit the game? It seems like there are a lot...

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Yupp, has happened to me, several times.

Start the game, then get owned, and alt f4 out of there.

Usually when I try to solo a thug, even though I know I don't have a chance in hell :o

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