Infinite Money Glitch... sort of.

#1 Posted by Wraxend (573 posts) -

Just found out from my little bro that if you chuck a weapon onto the ground and press up on the d-pad at the same time and drop the weapon two will be on the ground. So keep one sell the other and repeat to get lots of money

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I'm surprised no one else commented on this - this totally works, like a classic Diablo dupe cheat. You can basically duplicate any melee weapon. You can't use it on guns since you can't throw them, and you can't use it on craft items. However, you CAN use it with deo-bombs and such, which is HUGE. You can easily clear out crowded areas indefinitely, provided you have the space to do so. Those blasts have a big radius and if it detonates your duped grenade, you'll die and lose the grenade. I believe it only works with your last grenade, so it helps to keep different kinds with you. It also helps to buy a big stock of deoderant and duct tape from the traders when they have it, since you will lose the grenade from time to time from bad timing, button press, or death. Just visit another workbench to build one.
You also never have to repair any weapon, just keep a fresh one with you and dupe it every time the durability gets low. Legendary weapons can naturally be duped as well, and with multiples you're able to have different mods on them. You can also make more money than you ever need by just selling duplicates.
Tell your lil bro it was a great find lol

#3 Posted by Dragon4234 (140 posts) -

Just tested it and wow does it work. Oh this game. I wonder if it works in co-op?

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Been doing this all game. When i was on the resort i did it just for shits and giggles to get money but now that i hit the city, it helps a lot when ur in a pinch and u manage to get a few seconds of breathing room. It's like a whole different fuckin game and shit just got real >_>

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want to take guesses on how long this lasts in the game, before they patch it out?

#6 Posted by granderojo (1799 posts) -

I think they may have patched this out of the game already.

#7 Posted by hedfone (1731 posts) -

p.s. you can just hold down the reload button to drop weapons it makes it faster

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Must must try this today, I have no shame in it! I love a good dupe cheat. I'll try to get as much money as i can before they patch it.

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Was this done on consoles or PC? looool

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Is it fun to cheat in a zombie survival game?

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I can't get it to work, do you just tap it as you hold down 'Y' on the controller or? Tried this with lots of different types of weapons, also playing on the 360 btw.

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For more info I did this on the PS3 with the 1.1 patch installed. When you drop the weapon give it a few secs and you will see a new weapon appear behind the menu.

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@MisterMouse said:

want to take guesses on how long this lasts in the game, before they patch it out?

A couple months.

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This absolutely works on PC. With the default controls:

Hold RMB, and point at somewhere close by.

Hit LMB and Backspace at roughly the same time. i found it works better if you hit backspace almost immediately after hitting LMB.

One weapon will be thrown, another will be dropped.

It seems as though the game doesn't remove the thrown item from your inventory until it's actually gone, but spawns the item in the world before it's thrown.

Another note: My keyboard stopped responding after I had duped the same item around 5 times. Could have been just a normal bug that would have happened, anyways.

Edit: Video!

#15 Posted by Keeper_Garrett (39 posts) -

Ahhh Diablo returns early!

#16 Posted by Arker101 (1472 posts) -

@Funkydupe said:

Is it fun to cheat in a zombie survival game?

Not really enjoyable, but useful, especially when you are throwing weapons and they disappear underneath the geometry to where you can't retrieve them. Thousands of dollars, and hours of looting, down the drain. I can understand that if I'm throwing away a weapon that I might lose it, but when I'm being careful and only throwing when I'm sure I can retrieve it, it's infuriating when the body that my machete was stuck in disappears or won't let me retrieve it even though I can see it.

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