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So, I dunno if anyone is even playing Dead Island right now, but there are new achievements up. So a DLC must be ready to launch. But I didn't see it on XBOX LIve... Obviously, I dunno much about it, but the achievements look rough..."survive X waves of zombies while using X weapons." -ummm, fun?

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Bloodbath Arena is coming out. it was announced before the game came out.

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Just got the last achievement for the core game, was going for the S-Rank. It was quite a grind to level 50, wouldn't do that again. I find it so profoundly annoying that the achievement list gets extended regardless if you buy the new DLC or not. Just stole my S-Rank. And Bloodbath Arena's achievement list looks annoying, kill waves of zombies, oh what fun. Not sure I want to get cheesed by swarms of Infected anymore. Maybe grinding to level 50 has ruined the enjoyment factor of Dead Island. All that work to get robbed of my S-Rank, thanks DLC.


Got the new DLC, and the achievements. Was NOT worth the ten bucks.

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