New Games+? Well... Not quiet...

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I finished the game and enjoyed every second of it. The last boss was dumb and it did get a little tedious at the end but I didn't think it hurt the game at all.


When I tried to do the New Game+, I could not help myself but very disappointed by how the game handled it. The quest gives you the game same amount of experience points that it gave you during the first play through! I understand that once you finished the game, there is no point for you to actually do the quest again. But not giving you the same experience points(400 xp??!!) does not make sense to me. Enemies level up as you level up but in order to get out of the resort, you have to do the quests. I would argue that is definitely a mistake by the developers.

Also, when you tried to join other people's games, it does not sort out the game by someone who is similar level as you. There were numerous times that I joined a game by a host whose level was less than 5. Arrrgghhh!!! I wanna roll around with level 30 people!!(me being 35) Huge HUGE!!! miss opportunity!!

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Well, thanks for letting me know the new game+ is not muted!

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