Now that we're a couple months out, what do you guys think?

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I might buy Dead Island one day, but I'm wondering how people feel about their experience now that they've had time to sit on it. Got some praise when it came out, but I've seen people saying some real bad things too.

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It is really shitty. Maybe worst the game I've played this year.

Everything about it was funky and unpolished. It was generally not fun to play, at all. Story is laughable and getting new weapons isn't incentive enough to grind through fetch quests.

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I should really get Dead Island from my library at some point.

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I'm planning on buying it at some point, too. Perhaps on a Boxing Day sale (Canada). I'd love to hear people's opinion's, too. Brad sure dug it for a while, but I've heard that it gets old after a while.

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I spent about 35-40 hours in a single playthrough (as Logan) with a buddy (as Sam B). There's definitely a novelty associated with the analog combat that I enjoyed, as well as the Borderlands/Fallout mashup.  Ignore the story - stay for the loot, appreciate the easter eggs and numerous pop culture references. Sometimes the intense atmosphere shines through, but it's a complete disconnect from the initial reveal trailer that dropped in February of this year.
 ...But then you start to pick up how Techland's development process might have been with the game. The exploration factor goes from an expansive environment and then proceeds to funnel the player into a straight line towards the ending. Things start to feel rushed the deeper you get. Nothing really sticks out in my mind in terms of a "set piece" or something along those lines. If you take a look at the Dead Island TNT, for better or worse, there's fun to be had doing dumb shit with a group of friends, spending time trying to break the game. 
At the end of the day, I traded it in after my save corrupted. A little research showed me that my particular save problem was happening to other players, but it wasn't common enough to the point where there was a fix put out during my time with the game. I had my fun with it, but wasn't interested in going back for seconds. Pick up if you can find it somewhere cheap.  

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