PC physical disc install - how big are the patches?

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So, I have the game on an actual physical DVD (I know, I didn't realise you could get those either!) for PC, but currently my landline broadband is unavailable. As I'm stuck with a very limited (ie capped) mobile broadband connection, I'm wondering: how big are the patches after I install? I know the Steam copy had a massive patch (because the wrong version was uploaded to the server...), but has anyone used a physical disc copy?

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I think I downloaded a couple that were between 50 and 100 megabytes apiece. I'd be surprised if you had to download more than 200 MB. 
The whole "wrong version" shit does not mean every texture and sound file and model has to be redownloaded. It means the exe and a couple script archives needs replacing. It's certainly not a "massive patch".

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Cool. I had a friend who told me his Steam patch was the whole game again. Good to know that was BS...

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