PS3 mic problems?

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So me and my friend have been playing Dead Island for the past 3 days. Our mics have been working fine. Now, when he joins the game, I can't hear his mic, but he can hear me. I can see his mic symbol in the players lobby blinking, meaning he is talking. There is no option for muting or lowering the voice volume. We did test our mics on other games (Assassins Creed Beta) and they work fine. I also tried making his mic go through the t-v and that doesn't work, so it's not a volume problem. Any solutions? Have you been having this problem?

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hello im having exactly the same problem

was fine for 2 days and now my friend can hear me but i cant hear him...only very faintly i can hear him. ...also i tried other games and could hear him loud and clear, on uncharted 3....its definately something within the game itself

really annoying this happening

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