the best weapons are from zombies and red crates!!!

#1 Posted by ssc604 (28 posts) -

just a heads up to people who wanna find the best shit

the unique weapons (orange) are the same colour as the legendaries (orange weapon with a special name aka BANISHER)

i thought that legendary weapons such as "defender of the motherland" must be DLC after playing till lvl 42, but recently i picked up

a lvl 42 BANISHER (one handed axe) from a zombie drop and a lvl 42 defender of the mother land from a red crate (lvl 3 lockpick with purna...cause of her rare drops skill)

uniques are good, but those legendaries are fucking beast weapons!!!!

#2 Posted by Cincaid (2959 posts) -

Man I can't wait for my second playthrough! The weapons I found towards the end was already insane, but I can imagine those beasts being brutal.

#3 Posted by Edwardryu (440 posts) -

one of weapons I created is explosive bullet(?) with pistol or magnum. when you shoot it, zombie actually burns, and blows up. it looks awesome.

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