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Finally, A zombie game that is Free Roam. Love this game. I love how you can customize weapons by using Mods.  However, Never was a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto and it kind of has a similar look about it. Its nice that you are able to run around. I thought the Islands were pretty big when I first saw them but they are actually very small which is kind of a disappointment. Also, I noticed that there are some similarities with the zombies from Left 4 Dead and in this game. I like how you can drive but you can only drive so far. And drive the same car over and over again..Also cant really go in anything which I was kinda excited about because I was like finally! A zombie game where you can find random things kind of like Fallout. But sadly, That is not the case.  Pretty good game, Could of done more with it. Hopefully they will make a second one and it will be 10 times better :)

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Posted by President_Barackbar

Way too short, very uninformative, and poorly formatted.

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