mrsomeone77's Dead Island (Xbox 360) review

perfect blend

I've been long on the hunt for the addictive game that would potentially last longer than 2 weeks before burning me out, and alas! I found it! Recently I've been diving more and more into the open world RPG's, such as Oblivion and Fallout, and I've always been bummed with the combat and repetition of task after task in the same basic environment. Well not to say the environment changes all that much here, but the combat is ridiculously addictive, even though it's the same basic enemy over and over again.
It's a weird addiction, but one I have found to be the most pleasing this year. The leveling system is also top notch. At first it looks and feels as if it will become a grind. You find yourself kicking your way through most enemies, but when given time (about 10 hours or so) the rewards of difficulty ramp up, and it truly feels like things get more challenging. You have to re-evaluate your strategy. It's genius.
Think Borderlands meets Oblivion meets Dead Rising meets Left 4 Dead, and to be totally honest I think this one has pulled all the best parts of each of those games into something quite beautiful. And to think I was totally sick of zombies in media & games. Who knew I would cling to them again so dearly. A for sure must have!


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