ki11tank's Dead Island (Xbox 360) review

Milk it.

Dead Island is a long game with a short list of variety. In Dead Island you get to choose from a shallow list of shitty characters that are so bad you don't actually want to pick any of them. But that doesn't pose a real problem as the story in this game is boring, predictable and forgettable.

The plain and simple zombie bashing is all that holds this game together. If smashing, bashing or stomping countless zombies into bits while being rewarded with the sounds of wet meat through a wood chipper sounds entertaining than there is hope here for you. I'm not sure how long the charm will last but likely not long enough to warrant full retail pricing.

Dead Island tries to offer a loot system which more than anything becomes a hassle. A loot system that doesn't offer a rewarding amount of depth or treasure hunting can be very detrimental. I found it tedious to have to search through every bag, crate and locker to find things I didn't care I had one way or another. The quest lines in Dead Island are the epitome of errand boy quests. Go here and ask man Y for item A, but to get item A you need to get man Y his item B first. You will fill hours of time with these cheap quests with little additional reward past zombie mutilation.

The combat and gore is solid but that can only get the lacking story, shallow characters and repetitive quest lines so far. Dead Island could offer you up a solid handful of hours bashing up some zombies but not much more before boredom sets in.

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