DOA4 and its merits

#1 Posted by RVonE (4710 posts) -

While the Dead or Alive franchise ismostly known and ridiculed for its boob physics and sexual themes, I think that a lot of people dismissed this franchise too soon. I mean, sure the sexual themes are there and you could consider it immature--I guess the DOAX games didn't help there--but under the large breasts lies a really solid fighter, if you ask me. It has got a fairly elaborate counter system, it has got a good variety of moves for all characters, and graphically it is really up there with the best of the fighters. What makes it really stand out among the crowd is the fact that it has something that no other 3D fighter has; speed. I mean, sure Tekken is awesome and so is Virtua Fighter, but the pace of the fights doesn't come near to what DOA has on offer. I really like my fighting games fast. You know, like Mortal Kombat 3.

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Yea same, this game has best gameplay ever made for a fighter, no counter system for tekken or VF5 what a joke. Also I don't like ANY of the characters in VF5 except for Brad and Jeffrey, wow the characters in that game are bad.

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I really like the counter system, and the fast paced fighting that DoA has. I believe it's a solid fighter. It does take a bit of skill to learn how to use the counter.

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I have to agree and say that the counter system is something that most games do no have.  As hard as it is to learn at first, it is absolutely amazing when you get used to it.

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the is quite complex i did enjoy it (although i was not very good at all) the counter system is very deep i would even say its a bit to complex for me. i like the game alot but i have always been more into the soul caliber series or virtua fighter.

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Unfortunately, as good as the gameplay is supposed to be, it is woefully overshadowed by the women with massively large boobs. And seriously, when your fighting series focuses less on improving fighting mechanics and more on making boobs bigger and women sluttier, you know you need to REALLY set your priorities straight. This is one of the reasons why I'm glad Itagaki left Team Ninja.

#7 Posted by jinxman (514 posts) -

I love doa4, never played any of the other ones, but this game was fucking tight.  and not because of the boobs either.  Eliot FTW

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I've really loved the DOA franchise since the first game, although I didn't really dig on the third installment that much for some reason. DOA4, however, certainly saw it coming back to what I appreciated in the series. I've put more than a few hours into it, although not nearly as much as DOA2, which is probably my favourite. Moving forward, I'll definitely be interested in seeing what the series does post-Itagaki.


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