DOA5 'Declaration' Trailer

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No Aerosmith=no sale.

As a massive DOA fan I am so so excited to play this.

Also, why is it called in the wiki, the 7th game in the series?

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Kind of an awesome year for fighting games, as long as you don't care about Street Fighter.

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@Hunter5024 said:

Kind of an awesome year for fighting games, as long as you don't care about Street Fighter.

I suck at Street Fighter, so yeah it is.

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Looks cool. I wonder if Leon will be in the game, he's my favourite. If he isn't then I'll have to play with Bayman.

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Meh, I dunno. I loved 2, 3, and 4, but I can't seem to get excited about this one. It looks good and everything, but I just don't know. Maybe I'll have to try it out first or see what the reviews say.

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God, I'm so there. I'm so there. So fucking pumped for this game. After playing the Alpha build I can't wait to see what changes they've made. I freaked out like a little girl at a justin beiber concert when i saw this posted on Tecmo's facebook feed. Now I'm gonna go watch it again... and again... until Sept 25th.

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@Dany: DOA, DOA 2:Hardcore, DOA 3 , DOA Ultimate, DOA 4, DOA Dimesions, DOA 5. Seven games.

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no aerosmith = worst DOA game ever

looks pretty good. it's nice to finally see Eliot and Brad. i don't have high hopes for an eloquent story but it should be a fun romp if the AI isn't dull and easy like it was in Dimensions, though i suppose that's better than horribly punishing AI that counters every single move you make.

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So new Gamescom footage featuring Sarah Bryant in one of her alt outfits versus Kasumi. New screenshots and whatnot are also out on Tecmo's facebook page.

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