Hey you DOA fans who are your favorites?

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#51 Edited by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

That girl with the big boobs.

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#52 Posted by TehChich (176 posts) -

Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Fun to play and watch. Really any character in a fighting game that kinda dances when they fight.

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#53 Posted by StriderNo9 (1307 posts) -

I plan to play with Sarah Bryant when I unlock her. I started getting into her move set when Virtua Fighter 5 came out for the PS3. Other than her, I am playing with Mila, Hitomi, and I've began learning Kasumi a bit.

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#54 Posted by Lord_Sword (2 posts) -

Leon, Tina, Christie are my favourites. I AM SO UPSET THERE IS NO LEON IN DOA 5! There are really only 3 characters they didn't include, I really really don't understand why not just put them in for completeness sake.

I'm going to write to Team Ninja and sign any petition I can find to get these guys in as DLC and to never be forgotten again >:|

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