It's Official: Dead or Alive 5 is a Thing now.

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A new trailer has been unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show showing some Alpha build footage of Ryu and Hayate fighting each other with kicks, explosions, and a literal cliffhanger ending. Any predictions of new characters? New multi-level stages? New physics? New story (for those keeping track of one)?

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I'm pumped for this.

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Joystiq posted this image in their story. Is this Tifa, or am I just imagining things.

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pretty, shit fighter

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I appreciate all the insanity that is going on in that stage as they fight. Like, damn. Looks real nice.

I wonder if they're going to tone down the fanservice in this, like they toned down the gore for NG3 now that Itagaki is gone.

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Looks pretty cool

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Yep, that totally looks like a DOA game.

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@JJOR64 said:

Yep, that totally looks like a DOA game.

Looks a little dated to me, graphically speaking bit the last but was cool.

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Joystiq posted this image in their story. Is this Tifa, or am I just imagining things.

Looks like Kasumi after she just got out the shower. Or heck, it could be a new character, There's always the slim chance it could be Tifa, but that would be too awesome. In any case, my body is ready.

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also that is kasumi cuz...duh

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