Launch Trailer out! The final countdown begins!

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Its been a long road people. I remember back at Tokyo Game Show 2011 when this game was announced. They came out swinging with a pretty action packed trailer of Hayabusa and Hayate fighting on top of a skyscraper that suddenly started to crumble beneath them. Ever since I've been cautiously following the game. For a long time I was even unsure If I wanted to bother at all after not exactly being overwhelmed with Metroid Other M or Ninja Gaiden 3. Then sometime earlier in the summer I really just well.. got in the mood. I started playing Dead or Alive 4 again on a whim and remembered how much I loved the game then PM'ed me and asked if I wanted to play some DOA. That was really when my fever really hit and I knew I was in no matter what. You all know how hyped I've been theres been my blog along side me going wiki edit happy and sprucing up many of the character pages for the DOA characters. So, the countdown really begins. 5 days left. Oh yeah... and there is this whole "trailer" bit I came in here to post. =p

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You're so excited that even I can feel it!

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