The 411 on Mila

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Advance apologies to anyone that has posted anything on her(From what I've seen, nothing as of yet) but today, the trailer for the new DOA dame Mila has been released.

Here's what The Verge has said in the article:

"The Dead or Alive series has an all-new fighter. Mila, an up-and-coming practitioner of "hot-blooded" mixed martial arts, will make her debut appearance in Dead or Alive 5, where she'll fight to battle her idol, Bass Armstrong.

Mila, in addition to her duties as a waitress at Johnny's Diner, is described as a "lightning fast, orthodox striker with a strong follow-up ground game." In a new gameplay video release by developer Team Ninja today, we see Mila do her MMA thing in the ring against Dead or Alive veteran Zack, then engage in some friendly sparring with Tina Armstrong — which becomes slightly less cordial when Mila gets hit by a runaway subway car, hurling her off the side of a building.

Fortunately, Mila's as tough as the rest of the Dead or Alive crew, who tend to shrug off the explosions and wrecking ball hits of DOA5's over-the-top stages."

Here is a trailer featuring Mila in action!(And screenshots too!) Anyone excited for this new addition?

EDIT: Apparently: All of the screens weren't added to this.

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All the DOA girls look almost identical. They really need to break out their style even more for it to matter when they add new characters.

I'm interested to see how a new DOA fighter adds something to the game, though, since DOA is kind of loose on individuality of character styles. But, they seem to be making strides this time out so it should be interesting.

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In other news, MAN is that video too Japanese.

In my jr high/high school days, I would have been complaining to anyone who would listen about how developers needed to leave Japanese games alone and bring them to the states with all of their culture in tact, but we've reached a point in technology where games like DOA suffer, in my opinion, due to cultural differences.

They want so badly to build their whole game around what their vision of cute and sexy women are and... MAN is it not my version of either. Like Tina at that bar? the voice acting isn't even THAT bad, but her japanese body language makes the scene almost unwatchable.

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So apparently training for DOA involves murdering hundreds of people and causing millions of dollars in property damage...

I'm okay with that.

Also Tina's chest is stupid.

I'm okay with that too.

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Maaannn. She takes some much abuse in that trailer. Then all of a sudden, out of no where, she starts hammering out the laundry and that one bitch. DoA is crazy

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It's really hard not to nitpick DoA, but I'm gonna try not to. The new character doesn't really look bad, and the fight looked decent too.

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