Whats the interest level for this game around here?

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#51 Edited by BoOzak (1041 posts) -

I was kind of put off by the new look of the characters as I felt the anime aesthetic gave it some personality. (it's also helped the games age well) But i've gotten used to it, and technicly the game looks great.

My biggest problem is with the "Power Blow" & "Cliffhanger" implementations. The thing I like about the DOA series is it's never had to rely on gimmicky supermoves, which get old fairly fast. But as long there's no projectile spamming i'll be happy. That's one thing that makes me prefer 3D fighters over 2D ones. (As much as I love MK, I cant stand that shit)

The dust effects when attacks land and the english voices kind of suck though. Also the whole 'action cam' or whatever it's called is unnecessary. Thankfully these can all be turned off though.

In conclusion, after NG3 i'm skeptical. But they seem to be listening to the fans and it looks good so far so i'll give them a second chance.

#52 Posted by egg (1612 posts) -

It is a fighting game and therefore playing it involves pausing to look at movelists.

#53 Posted by Zajtalan (1261 posts) -

do want

#54 Posted by Demoskinos (16184 posts) -

Well, The leaked roster was 100% right. Pai Chan confirmed this morning along with Gen-Fu (who was already seen in the declaration trailer)

The DOA 5 facebook page said that 3 characters would be revealed this week 2 revealed today so that leaves one left which HAS to be Alpha-152 who was already confirmed via the achievement leak. So, final roster stands is...

24 Characters all together unless some super secret shit that wasn't unveiled in the alpha datamine leak was created since that is the final roster as no character DLC was also confirmed. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

#55 Posted by JJOR64 (19535 posts) -

If the online is good then I might have some interest in the game.

#56 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

DOA always felt like a poor version of Tekken with no personality and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 just came out so I will never play this.

#57 Posted by jkuc316 (1002 posts) -

I'm gonna buy every retail FIghting Game released this year, with Persona 4 Arena and SFxT(Yes SFxT!) later this year, so there is some interest for me. But Since I'm too hyped for Tag 2 to give a f*ck about other games right now, I'd say my interest is only at a 4/10.

#58 Posted by AngelN7 (2999 posts) -

I'm kinda dissapointed that the last guest from VF wasn't that monkey chick from VF5.

#59 Posted by Demoskinos (16184 posts) -

@AngelN7: Eileen? Yeah, I used her in VF5 a lot too. But Pai Chan is a lot more well known. Although surprised Kage Maru didn't make it as he is huge as well.

#60 Posted by Solh0und (1946 posts) -

My interest level is in the middle of the road as of right now. I didn't play alot of DoA 4 online but still casually enjoy the series.

#61 Posted by DonChipotle (3008 posts) -

I love Dead or Alive. So I am hype as shit.

#62 Posted by That1BlackGuy (219 posts) -

I told myself that it's either this or Tekken Tag 2, I already got KoFXIII for my 2D fix and Virtua Fighter: FS for my 3D fix so I ain't trying to overdo it with fighting games.

#63 Posted by Korolev (1785 posts) -

I don't play fighting games. I have no idea if it is a good fighting game or not, but I don't play them, so I won't be playing this game.

My brother played DOA2 for a while, and 13-year old me would watch with rapt attention. All those.... assets. Moving about. Come on, I was 13 years old and given my upbringing (fairly strict Chinese Mother), this was about as titillating a thing I had ever seen. Flashforward to today, and I don't find the characters sexy at all. They're... like plastic mannequins. They don't look right.

#64 Posted by Vorsic (39 posts) -

I already preordered the PS3 collectors edition. I was going to get it from Amazon for those "devil" outfits but I wanted the collectors edition more.

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