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The Sequel to Rock-Paper-Scissors 0

Here is a review that was originally posted at Gaijin Densetsu. Over at Gaijin Densetsu, we focus on Japanese developed games, news and culture. If you enjoyed this review, please visit our website!I used to play a lot of fighting games. When I was in college, Capcom vs SNK 2 and Guilty Gear XX were my bread and butter. I played the hell out of them. I didn't take school very seriously, so I had a lot more time to game than I do now. Were I to go through my transcripts I wouldn't need any explan...

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I'm a Fan! 0

DOA: Dead Or Alive 5 isn't my first Dead Or Alive game. It is, however, the first DOA game that I've really taken seriously. You see when it comes to DOA I normally laugh at the Aerosmith song, get creeped out by the creepy boobs, and then call it quits. In fact I started out going into DOA 5 expecting the same thing to happen again. Instead what happened is I found the most enjoyable 3D fighting game I've played since Tekken 3.DOA 5 uses the same Strikes, Throws, Holds system that it has done f...

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By Far The Best Dead or Alive To Date 0

I've been a huge fan of the Dead or Alive series and this was a much needed evolution and return to form for the series after the disappointments of Dead or Alive 4 and Dead or Alive: Dimensions. If you're looking for a well made and fluid fighter or are a long time fan of the Dead or Alive series, this is a worthy addition to the series. Highly recommended!...

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Dead or Alive 5, old yet still different. 0

It seems strange that Dead or Alive 5 has come out towards the end of this console’s generation when the previous game was released exclusively for the 360. With the noted absence of main developer, Itagaki, Team Ninja headed in a very different direction with this latest installment. However, what remains in its core is certainly the Dead or Alive series that I know and somewhat embarrassingly, love.The most immediate change compared to the previous games is the general aesthetic, especially wi...

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It's another Dead or Alive. You know what you're in for. 0

With little exception I'm not good at fighting games. At all.I'm just not good at memorizing commands and when I can memorize them I'm not necessarily able to input them accurately or quickly enough to make good use of them within the actual game.I'm the kinda guy that actually will play a fighting game for the story, daft as that might seem.And DOA 5 does the Mortal Kombat thing of having it's storymode be comprised of in-engine cutscenes that either advance the games plot or provide a reason h...

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