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What more can you ask for from a gravure game? Auto-pilot. 0

In a word: ridiculous. Review sites in general are usually hard on "gravure" games, those Japanese stalwarts that are meant for little more than titillation. It happened back in the day ('94) when Metal & Lace and Cobra Mission were offered to mainstream North American PC gamers, and the DOAX series is the latest generation, being famously described as "the best lesbian dating simulator" out there. The first DOAXBV actually presented a very playable volleyball mechanic. I can still load it...

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Fans of the DOA Girls Will Be Floored 0

Anyone remember Dead or Alive Xtreme 1?It was a great game featuring volleyball,pool hopping and addictive collecting.O yeah it also has something else,great looking girls in bikinis.Zack some how manages to trick the lovely ladies of DOA into coming to a restored Zack Island yet again, but this time around it's pumped with steroids and tons of different things to do, even if the game is generally basic. All the girls return to the Island including the addition of Kokoro from DOA4.You have a lot...

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One of the worst offerings on the 360. 0

As ashamed as I am to say, I played DOA X Volleyball on the original Xbox. And in a strange way, it was fulfilling, for about 5 hours. DOA X2 gets old after 5 minutes. DOA X2 feels like a direct port of the older game. Everything being exactly the same, no real new additions and no extractions. To summarize, this game is barebones with cheap T&A, and really no redeeming value at all. But there IS good news. If you somehow enjoy collecting swimsuits while playing awkward volleyball, this ...

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Someone Had To Do It... 0

Yeah, laugh it up. I rented and played what could be considered to be a softcore porn game. I won't make any lofty claims that I simply needed to review it for any particular reason, either. I was shamelessly fishing for easy achievement points, curious as to how it actually played, and curious exactly how porn-ish it could get. Lo and behold the points are far from easy, it plays almost exactly the way you would think it does, and it can get pretty damn porn-ish...but not in a way I would consi...

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