Do I need to have finished the first one?

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Hey guys, I am currently playing the first Dead Rising, and it infuriates me. I am tempted to just stop playing and download Case Zero. Is there anything that happens in the first game that will make me enjoy  Case Zero more? Or does something spectacular happen at the end of the first game? Convince me to finish it!

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I have no idea cuz that game infuriated me as well...  
Might finish it some day. 
I highly doubt the first story has any relation to Case Zero or Dead Rising 2 though.
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Nope. While there may be larger connections through the story line, it's still hardly all too deep to require much from the first game to get the most from it. And Case Zero especially has little in common with the original in terms of story. The gameplay is virtually identical, however, so if you couldn't get into DR1 because of its gameplay then there's little chance you'll differ with Case Zero.

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There's minor story things but I imagine you could probably find videos of the story on YouTube.

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Uh, bit of a warning...if you didn't enjoy the first game you'll most likely hate both Case Zero and Dead Rising 2. Most of the stuff is the same, but I have the say that escorting the survivors in Case Zero is 90% better than in the first game, and that was what irritated me the most when playing that one. I say try Case Zero (since it's only 400 points after all) and see if things feel the same. I also have to say that Case Zero can feel a bit laggy and the loadingtimes are sometimes a major pain, but Capcom have said they're aware of those issues and that the full game won't be like that.

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I HATED the first Dead Rising and quite enjoy Case Zero. So don't let your DR1 experiences demoralize you.
I have a feeling the devs realized that almost nobody finished DR1 and built DR2/DR0 with that fact in mind.

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@MrKlorox:  I'm just curious, but what did you hate with DR1? Since, as far as I can tell, most of the stuff from the first game are back in full force...well, except the photography and really dumb AI. :)
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you enjoy Case Zero! But as a fan of both DR1 and Case Zero I'm just curious. :)
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I'm confused as to why you want to go play Case Zero if you're not enjoying the first one. Not a lot has changed.

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@AlisterCat said:
" I'm confused as to why you want to go play Case Zero if you're not enjoying the first one. Not a lot has changed. "
Yeah, the gameplay is sadly the same but for me, being such a strict an rigid game completing a task, beating a boss or escorting people is very satisfying
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@CrazyChris:  The pacing was the main thing I disliked about DR1. I get that the "die once and you gotta either restart or reload" is an intentional design decision, and don't have much of a problem with it in Case Zero due to the placement of the save points and emphasis on experimentation/exploration. DR1 felt too punishing when you made mistakes, and too tedious to re-trace your steps the right way.
While I walked away from DR1 wishing for a completely different save system for the series altogether, I am glad they tried different ways to make the existing system work well.
edit: Not only that but the fact that the game itself is smaller makes it less of a kick in the dick to re-play. I'm still not sold on full on DR2. But I'm not exactly cursing the Dead Rising name any more either.
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To be clear, its not the gameplay that bothiers me, its just some of the boss fights are very annoying, and I'm at a point where I have very low health, and i need to get past those FUCKING convicts in order to get to the next story mission. I just want to know if not finishing it will alter my enjoyment of Case Zero or 2.

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@Burninator12:  One of the annoying things about DR1 is that it is pretty much a requirement to level. Then restart the game at the higher level. Also for the convicts.. You don't need to kill them just run.
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I really don't think you need to beat the first one.  There may be throwbacks that you don't get in the second one, but I think you'll be fine otherwise.  
I really enjoyed Case 0, especially the new protagonist (didn't really care for Frank West, not saying he sucked, just not much in the way of character imo).

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I only got so far in the first Dead Rising on a regular tv plus small text half the time i had no idea some of the stuff i was suppose to be doing, but saying that i really enjoyed Case Zero much more than i ever did with the first game i just like the character and the interaction with his daughter a lot more than what was going on in the mall, plus i prefer creating weapons over taking photos.

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@White_Silhouette: I actually have already restarted. I'm level 11, and just about to start case 2. Also, I have tried running past the convicts a bunch of times, but they never fail to rape me with their bullets. Any tips?
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@Burninator12:  It's been a while but what I remember doing was running along the wall. I believe it was the wall on the right was the shortest. . . Don't stop to fight any zombies. if you get surrounded just jump through them if you can. If you want to actually kill them. The way I did it was i  stood between a bunch of trees so they couldn't ram me, then pick of the guy on the gun with the a pistol.  Then the rest of them.
Note: If you do kill them they eventually do come back even if you've beat them once. It does take a while but they will come back.
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@White_Silhouette:  Thanks. I'll try that later.
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If you care about achievements I'd do this:
1) Start a new game and do Zombie Genocider. It doesn't take extremely long if you're driving around in the maintenance tunnels with the cars. You'll get loads of levels and an extremely good weapon to use. When you get the achievement, just let the zombies kill you and save and return to title screen, so your progress carries over.
2) Start a new game and, complete the main cases (story), and enjoy your high level and fancy weapon.
Otherwise it really isn't too difficult to complete the game, even as a fresh level 1. You'll have to avoid fighting the bigger herds of zombies, sure, but it's definatly not impossible. You just have to keep an eye on the clock so you're not off goofing around somewhere, when you should be somewhere important story-wise.
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@CrazyChris:  Sounds good to me, thanks. I will try that tonight.
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this topic has kind of veered off-topic, and others have mentioned some small improvements to Case Zero, but one that I didn't see anybody mention is the ABILITY TO MOVE WHEN YOU'RE AIMING!!! THANK YOU CAPCOM, FINALLY!!  LOL

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I managed to beat the first one on my first try... It was a pain in the ass though, I should've restarted at some point.

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