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Why "premium demo" is such a dirty phrase.

   Blue Castle Games and Capcom’s bite-sized release of things to come has been both a surprise and a disappointment; I’m surprised that

 As in the first game, you'll be able to explore your own personal style.
they managed to fit as much content and, for lack of a better word, “playability,” into a $5 purchase as they did. And it disappoints me to know that I’ll have to wait a month to get past the tip of what appears to be one hell of an iceberg. 
  The game starts out with Chuck Greene and his infected daughter being stranded in the small, zombie-ridden town of Still Creek, with no ride, and none of the zombie plague-inhibiting Zombrex that has been keeping his daughter from becoming a member of the murderous undead. At this point, you (Chuck) set out around town, looking for a way to keep your daughter alive, and more importantly, how to get out of town before a military quarantine makes you both permanent residents.
    The standard gameplay that made the first game so great is for the most part, left intact; you get to brutalize scores of the undead with improvised weapons, and help out other survivors that you come across. However, Blue Castle also managed to throw in a good helping of some very welcome additions to the game, including the ever-hyped weapon crafting system. This new mechanic gives leveling incentives for killing zombies with your D.I.Y. weaponry, and feels (sorry, Frank) much more fun and rewarding than snapping pictures of your misadventures in a shopping mall. Alongside weapon creation, you’re also armed with the ability to move and fire a gun at the same time. This is something that would have made boss fights in the first DR much more bearable. This, paired with survivors that didn’t require an intense amount of coddling, made for a somewhat less
 And she's not just mobile Zombie bait!
panicked experience. DR2:CZ is also more SD friendly than it’s predecessor.

    I had noticed a few bugs during the game, like the sound cutting out during some cutscenes, and not getting an ending after the first playthrough, but these were some minor nuisances I was able to overlook, because I was too busy dispatching zombies with an electrified rake.

     Multiple endings, achievements and the fact that you’ll be able to carry over any levels and cash gained to DR2, makes this the best $5 I’ve spent in a very long time. And to call Case Zero "just a demo for DR2," is to do it injustice.
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