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Worth every point

Dead Rising: Case Zero is a taster level for for Capcom's Dead Rising 2. Which is released later on this year. Game is in many ways similar to  Gran Turismo Prologue games. Except that this game has a more friendly pricing.  

Game is a third person perspective zombie murder sandboxes with a high comedy factor. The humor is visible on the creative ways the games items can be combined. Which then are used for almost countless ways of zombie slaughtering. 

 Chuck and his v(f)an(s)?

 For such a small game it is nice to see that there is actual story included. Protagonist Chuck Greene is a motocross driver who is escaping Las Vegas with his daughters Katey. Katey is has been infected and requires Zombrex the medication against the zombiefication. The couple do a random stop in small town of Still Creek where as expected everything goes wrong. The story occurs during one day which makes this game not be the longest game around.

Graphically Dead Rising Case Zero does decent job. Especially with hordes of zombies one is fighting against. Coloring is bit on the pale side and the buildings maybe not as detailed as in other third person action games. The slaughtering effects are well done and more or less each different weapon causes a different kind zombiedeathfication.

The small amount of audio game has is well done. No music except for in-menu or locations where radio is blasting. Part of the story that is displayed with cut-scenes is nicely done as well. The survivors, which are some stranded people that require help has majority of their communication displayed as text only.

 This actually a good weapon

 Besides the weapon customization there is a few other minor RPG features as well. Killings acquire Prestige Points(PP) which is used for leveling up. This is capped to lvl 5 in this game which will also carry over to Dead Rising 2. Outfits can be also changed and multiple weapons/items can be collected for combo weapons as well as food for health.

For mere 400 MS points there isn't really reasons why not to get this. Granted story is short and the achievements rather easy, but this is still a properly fun game.    

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