sparklykiss's Dead Rising: Case Zero (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

We Ride To Fortune City!

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is just a spoonful of a sample of what to expect from Dead Rising 2. And lemme tell you, that spoonful is delicious. At only 400 Microsoft Points, I do believe this game is well worth the purchase. It's cheap, fun, and gets the message across. Players won't have to have played the first Dead Rising to get a good grip of what this sequel is going to be all about. (Although, knowing some of the quirks from before really does make the experience just that much more if you ask me.) 
Some have been calling this a "Paid for Demo" which I find to be far off. Capcom did exactly the right thing by releasing a "Mini Prologue" to get you totally excited for Dead Rising 2. You even get to encounter a crazed psychopath! Make sure you have more than a hotdog going into that, though, oh dear.
But I stink with big blocks of text, so let's do lists! Whoop! 


 Because being alive is a good thing. 
  • Low price tag
  • Survivor AI when being escorted is actually good
  • Combo weapons
  • Repaired controls (Before, you had a camera to take photographs and that was a bit of an inconvenience if you're not used to this type of game. Firing off bullets with the X button was weird)
  • Levels carry over, with the maximum at 5
  • Chuck has great legs in that waitress uniform
  • Amazing replay value (Starting over with $100k was a cakewalk)


 Because being alive and not at the same time is just confusing . 
  • Chuck's chest hair is incredibly mangy
  • Makes you impatient for the actual game to come out (Don't believe me? Buy it. You've been warned)
  • May be too much of a "novelty" for the "serious" gamer
  • Long loading screens
  • Long pausing when saving
But those cons can be easily overlooked considering the pros heavily out weigh them. (Granted, that chest of yours could use some work, Chuck.) (And the pros were a lot more serious. For the most part, that is.)
Overall, this was a rather fun game. Really nothing left to say here. If you haven't looked into this yet, you should not waste your time with reviews, you could have finished it 4 times by now! =D 
And remember, zombies love their queen and are extra rambunctious after 7 pm, so don't feed them, please!

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