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This ain't no Live Demo folks!

Get used to that sex ass face, because you will love it. I know I have. And I'm straight. I'll give it to you straight; Chuck Greene is a sexy man. He uses duct tape, is a great father, and hates him some Zambies. My panties just dropped.

For those of you that don't know, this is Dead Rising 2: Case 0, the Pre-LC to the sequel of the Dawn of the Dead-esque game Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2. It has been 3 years after Dead Rising, with no knowledge of the previous protagonist's whereabouts, or are there?!?, and Chuck here is traveling to Fortune Cit, newly rebuilt Las Vegas after stopping/ending the outbreak which is now again full of zombies. He is traveling with his daughter Katy, who is infected and the main key point to both Case 0 and Rising 2, giving her the only known medicine of "zombie" Zombrex.

Obviously from that awesome screen cap, you get to kick a psychopath's ass, just like in Dead Rising, and I couldn't be anymore proud. FUCK THOSE PSYCHOS! This jack-ass knows Katy is infected and instantaneously tries to kill her in front of Chuck. How stupid, right?! Chuck's been making kick ass weapons like the Drill Bucket, and the Paddlesaw, which is the newest feature coming onto the DR franchise, to battle waves and waves of Zombies to save his little girl and now he has to fend of hill-billy mechanics? Not cool, Sun, not cool.

You also get the customizable costumes and hairstyles from DR, only on Chuck's awesome mug. Told you. You can also save or leave Survivors, but without doing some side missions you will not get the best understand or ending of this fully enjoyable $5 game.

I couldn't get enough of this game, and what was so surprising to me was that my brother S ranked it. He hated DR, and I had never thought he would play this. The controls have been updated and more play worthy but it will still piss you off to no end. You get to level up to lvl. 5 before DR2, where the PP and items will transfer over to DR2. I love it.

I can't recommend this any further. This game is great. It might be considered a demo, but fuck that noise, its not. It has rekindled that fucked up Zambie killin' fire that burns the passion of a thousand exploding stars. I don't recommend playing DR again, because that experience is nothing like the awesome that Case 0 is. Please take my rambling 5 a.m. review as "go spend 5 bucks and play the shit out of this" and do that. You will enjoy it. 5 Zombrex injections out of 5.


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