Frank's Going to Uranus Zone!... Boom?

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It's kinda terrible, and over-used, but this is Dead Rising, now with Frank West, and ME2 proved that this joke will live long into the 20-somethingth century. But besides that, this is actually a pretty funny trailer, giving an even more weirdly wacky angle on all of this with some self-deprecation about the boresome and predictability of the series trademark Survivor missions. Plus it showcases a shit load of this new area, Uranus Zone, with its awesome 50s Sci-Fi theme. For $40 (which I imagine is £30) this still probably won't look like an appropriate mash, but I dunno.. for me with all these promised technical improvements, new area/weapons/psychopaths--which if they're handled to a lesser degree of frustration like Case West's was could actually be better appreciated for their creativity as characters, and less shunned for their, well, frustrating gameplay portions--and Frank West... I'm kinda sold.   

 Also this
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@Abyssfull said:


 Also this
Nightmare fuel, there.
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I love how Frank is so much more terrifying than the blood plastered zombie.
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I love in the trailer how they presented it and how frank just blurted out with such excitement I'm goin' to Uranus Zone! I cracked up and became excited at the same time. The whole look of the new area is pretty awesome. I cannot wait to pick this up. It will fit nicely beside my Zombrex Edition of Dead Rising 2. I am anticipating seeing everything they fix and add to this. The way Frank handles zombies is fantastic.

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Dead Rising 2.1 ! This is going to be awesome... oh wait its just another 50 side quests at full price.

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@xxDrAiNxx said:

Dead Rising 2.1 ! This is going to be awesome... oh wait its just another 50 side quests at full price.

Um, no. It's not a full priced game.  
OT: I thought that trailer was pretty funny, but the lines! Dear god the lines! D: I might pick this up.
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@CandiBunni: $40 sounds about wrong. Same graphics check, same quests check, new area where you can run around for 10mins and explore it all check, new weapons you would use only once check, bring back the camera because taking zombie pictures is what everyone wants to do for achievements check, poor voice acting check.

$40 doesn't sound full price at all, sorry my bad dude.

Waiting for Dead rising 3 or even Left 4 dead 3 check!

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