Dead Rising 2 PC Mods

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So, one of the advantages of owning the PC version of any game is mods. Modding is not officially supported but people have already made a few and released some trainers. I thought it would be nice to share mods we've found and to discuss them as well as ideas for mods. I saw a link to this website with a very small list of mods, most interesting being the model swaps to some of the major characters in the game. Playing as Rebbeca seems like it could be cool. If there are several good places to look for mods I will update the first post to help people find them.

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Considering getting this game (for PC, I own a PS3, but PC is my platform of choice). Between mods and performace and visuals, it sounds like PC is they way to go with this game anyway. Mostly what I would look for in mods would be something like a common inventory, but it seems like that could be really difficult without official mod support. Without that support all that people can really do, aside from trainers, is replace textures and models.  Not really interested in trainers though, that would defeat the purpose.

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I am happy this exists.  Unfortunately for me, I bought the game just last night and am only equipped with a laptop currently and when I thought I was going back to my parent's home where my awesome PC is, I no longer am.  Sad panda.

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@Riboflavin:  Yeah, extensive modding of the games systems would be very difficult, if not impossible from what I understand. If enough people try hard enough I'm sure there will be a bit more than just retuextures. Well they could introduce trainers that aren't outright cheats. More inventory slots? Modify settings such as speed. Rebalance for a lot of the weapons is a possibility. It's only been out 1 week in the US so who knows.
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 New keyboard config (arrow keys instead of wasd)

Oh god why.  
Can't wait for some cool  mods to come along :)
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@WEGGLES said:

 New keyboard config (arrow keys instead of wasd)

Oh god why.   Can't wait for some cool  mods to come along :) "
PC is all about customization. People like their weird keybinds.
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Put your hand in such a position that using the arrows and a mouse would be comfortable 
So again I ask "Oh god why?" 
I mean, what's wrong with WASD any who? It's like an arrow key for your left hand.  :)
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I regret buying the PS3 version now.

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I want a mod where I mope around as a zombie for 72 hours and hope chuck comes along and hits me with a bat.

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There's been a couple more mods released over the past few days. I've installed the hummer mod, since I found the hummer to be kind of lame. The Tony Hawks mod is something I never expected to see.

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Immediately took off the hummer mod :p. It's great except the turning sensitivity is sooooooo high.

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@WEGGLES said:

 New keyboard config (arrow keys instead of wasd)

Oh god why.    "
So left handed people can use the mouse in their main hand I'm guessing.
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The only way I'd ever play DR2 is if I play it on PC with an infinite health / ammo trainer. Removes challenge? Yeah, but Removes fun? Absolutely not.

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