Tape it or die, flaw?

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OK so with Dead Island coming out and Off the record later in the year I decided to dust off my copy of DR2, crack open a few beers and just enjoy while trying to get a few achievements. I am currently trying to get various achievements that require me to complete the "Tape it or die" secret mission.  (I remeber trying to get this before but it didn't work so I thought id give it a more specific shot). SO...im within the 6am to 12pm time limit, have only my story mission and the ante up mission (poker). I go to start the mission and all is good, I talk to the dudes and he want the plates and saw, I leave and collect the things but when I return the door is locked again! I don't have too many missions open and im within the time so why is the door locked when I try to return? I checked various websites and walk-through s but none seem to explain this occurrence specifically. Anyone had this issue in the past as it driving me crazy now.
Help me Obi-wan Kenobi...your my only hope.

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