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Come on follow me.

Here take this. come on follow me!! go go go!! over there!! follow me!!! 
These lines are instantly recognized by Dead Rising fans. spamming Y while four survivors are running behind you with hundreds and hundreds of zombies at night reaching out to grab into you. no one can forget the pure thrill of Dead Rising 1. 
A lot  of people loved it even though it has some issues here and there. but here we are, finally after 4 years we finally have the sequel. im glade to say that most of the issues from the original are fixed, the most notable one is having only one save slot. this game gives you three save slots. however the sequel's location is not as anywhere nearly as memorable as the original Dead Rising.
Las Vegas was a great choice for capcom for the sequel to be set in, no really. but the environments are sadly very similar to each other and you'll find yourself wondering in some areas if the developers just simply copy and pasted the textures. the map is a bit bigger than the first game but it came with a price. there are far less sub-areas for you to explore. most stores offer the same thing in the mall opposite of the one you're in with only one or two new items. the change to the comic like graphic is definitely a step-down compared to the silly copy and pasted photos from the first game. the floors now look bright and some-what orangy at times. 
The Zombies now look quite shitty and cheap than the first game and are FAR easier. most of them have a blue glowing that stretches from there feet to their back that gives their models this comic-book like look which looks quite horrible and cheap.  the blood is very pathetic looking, instead of splashing on the floor like the first game in a dark red blood now it splashed bright red/orange that you can easily tell that it's doesn't look like blood what so ever. 
Now the new combine weapons system is quite an awesome addition and make the game far more varied than before. you can put together the most ridiculous items and have a very stupid (but effective.) weapon to use against your brain dead (sorry for the pun.) enemies. however because of the unlimited supply of hammers and axes i've rarely found myself using anything other than Axe+Hammer combined together. i've went through the whole game with it as my main weapon which is quite silly. i found myself avoiding running all the way to the opposite  mall to only grab one piece of a weapon and then run to the third mall to get the second piece, only to have it break a couple of minutes later.  the combine system pretty much makes you ignore everything else that can be used as a weapon since nearly all of them (especially the guns.) are piss weak.
The Campaign is not as good as the original game, Chuck is a cool guy but he is very shallow and we never really get to see him do his own thing to make him stand out beside Frank West. the plot line with his daughter is nice but there is really not much when it comes to the story. we never really explore Chuck's past in cutscenes nor find out why zombrex is so much hated on. 
The survivor AI in this game is much better than the first, people now can make it through a crowd of zombies with barely any scratches however they will still shoot you if you give them a shotgun. 
Guess what's the biggest annoyance though? remember the countdown clock? yes it's back, remember when all those people complained that they couldn't do anything because of it? well if you're one of those people let me tell you shit is much worse in this game. you see katey needs Zombrex every day or so at 7-8 am. the issue is that Zombrex is either gotten through quests or bought off looters for 50k. No Zombrex is only a small part of the annoyance, the quests in this game are HORRIBLE TIME WASTERS! seriously if you want to get all the survivors just let katey die and only rescue them because unlike the first game you'll have 4-5 quests with their own clock ticking down at the SAME TIME! it's nearly impossible to do all the quests and save all the survivors on your first run. on top of the simultaneous countdown quests you also have very challenging bosses that will make you die over and over again.
Oh and the best part? there isn't a fucking check point system before each boss. see there was no need for a checkpoint system in the first Dead Rising because the bosses were easy and could be beaten on your first run in the low levels. but this game's bosses are triple the difficulty and 8x the frustration. i've stopped playing so many times because of how frustrating some of the bosses are. you could be at the very end of the boss fight with only one hit before you take the boss down to only have the boss stun-locking you and beating you to death. GAME OVER then you have to load the last save point which if you were smart enough is close by, if you saved at the warehouse? you gotta run ALL the way to the boss. even if you saved in one of the restrooms nearby the boss guaranteed after the 5th time you run through the crowd of zombies getting grabbed on and munched on you'll want to quit.
The Campaign lasted me for 17 hours including overtime which is shorter than the first game.  to top it off there is no infinite mode which added a huge replay value the first game (Capcom probably wanted to make a buck off it as DLC at some point in the future.)
The Multiplayer is somewhat fun but isn't really the big star of the game. i only played a couple of matches before i got bored and got back into the campaign.  it's basically a PvP version of the first level of the game with a couple of on-foot matches where you either snipe zombies before the other guys or have the most items on them at the same time for a second or two.
If you own an Xbox 360 try the 5 bucks episode and see if you like it, if you're a PS3 player rent it first because this game might not appeal to all players nor to even some of the fans of the original. the level of frustration here is bound to drive you insane over time. this is a quality game that gets better with each playthrough. 
*I did not experience the Co-Op mode in this game and therefore will not rate it at all.
4 out of 5 Stars
Good Hair Yanking.


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