Dead Rising 3 brings a change of tone to the series.

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From both the trailer and gameplay shown at E3 it appears that Capcom's trying to market Dead Rising 3 as a more serious survival horror game in stark comparison to the original Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2. This article on gamespot confirms that Capcom is changing the franchise drastically from its dark humoured roots.

"Capcom Vancouver presented Dead Rising 3 behind closed doors, walking us through the demonstration that debuted during the Microsoft press conference while answering questions about the direction that they've taken. The changes that you can see in images were not a fluke. Capcom is pointedly trying to appeal to a wider audience in this latest iteration, saying it's going after the Call of Duty player. Gone is the cartoonish visual design, replaced by a more "realistic" interpretation of a viral apocalypse. That change is part of the maturation. By shifting the art style, the combat can be "more visceral" than in previous versions, with "real gore."

Another notable shift is to the pacing. The urgency that defined Dead Rising has been turned off in the demo we were shown. Time created "extreme pressure" in the original games, and Capcom wants the zombies to be your biggest threat this time around. In Dead Rising 2, you now run around broken-down neighborhoods, killing zombies in horrific ways without real motivation to push forward."

So they seemed to have taken away time urgency, fun, and color from the series.

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@theht said:

@yummylee: Capcom said "RIP Dead Rising"?

Yeah, they're not very confident of the game unfortunately.

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@theht: Fair enough, that part was a bit premature. Though given capcom's history of trying to reel in the ''cod crowd''... Not exactly what you ever want to hear from anyone to do with anything.

Unless it's actually a CoD/Battlefield/Other Military shooter thing.

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This was also posted in that other thread, yet people keep ignoring it because "fuck it, we need to bitch about something so let's ignore that thing that says "guys, calm your tits""

According to executive producer Josh Bridge, they wanted to introduce the game on a serious note so that when they get around to showing the humorous elements of the game, fans will see that "the juxtaposition is stronger than ever." After all, the humor in Dead Rising games has always been rooted in the fact that a very serious story is playing out while the player goes about doing very ridiculous things. It is, in other words, humor based in contrast.

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I'm pretty disappointed by this and will probably lead me to getting a PS4 first. Zombies were always the least important part of the Dead Rising games for me. I played Dead Rising for the absurdity. I want the mall setting. I want the crazy costumes. I want the amazingly bizarre psychopaths. I want the infuriating time limits. Maybe it'll turn out amazing but killing endless swarms of zombies always got old to me and focusing the game on that is not what I want.

I just need some rumors to start about a PC version of Quantum Break and I'll be sold on the PS4.

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I'm getting this game for sure.

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I'm getting this game for sure.

Same here. As soon as it either releases for PC, or 5 or so years down the road after the XB1 has dropped in price and is on sale.

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