chop till you drop is the dumbest thing ever

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its dead rising minus all the good parts
I can't believe capcom they'll take a shit all over their great game and put it on the wii
but the can't just port the original good version to the ps3

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If you have already played what you believe is the "superior version," why do you care how its Wii-port will turn out?

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I assume you have actually played the game? Probably not.

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Well no one really has to, it is complete shit and its obvious. However the validity of this post is pretty obscure, seeing as he obviously doesn't care for the Wii in general by his post, caring at all that its ported to the Wii and changed shouldn't matter what so ever.

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wow you guy are no fun at all instead of just agreeing that chop till you drop is utter trash
you have to go oooh he does not like the wii
the wii is a shit deal with it

#6 Posted by Jayge_ (10221 posts) -

This will end well.

#7 Posted by atejas (3057 posts) -
You have made no topics which inspire discussion. Please leave.
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Jayge said:
"This will end well."
hey hey I have not turned on the wii since I beat mysims which is like a year ago
and atejas you can eat me
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Alright, this is going nowhere.

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