razr95's Dead Rising: Zombie no Ikenie (Wii) review

Dead rising on the Wii might disapoint xbox 360 owners but i like

Prologue : Frank West freelance journalist goes to Colorado-Wilamette and Frank see`s the zombies and the National Guard troops blocking the road Frank see`s a Helicopter pad and he asks his friend to land on it. Frank West has 72 hours to figure out what caused this disaster and why

Game play : Dead Rising was a big sucess on the Xbox 360 because the amount of zombies on the screen was exellent and the items in the store and outside that you can use is fun. Later on Capcom came out with Dead Rising Chop T`ill You Drop on the Nintendo Wii and this time this game has new blood settings that you can choose like low blood medium and high blood you can also choose colors or nothing at all i think this dead rising is more appropriate for everyone. On this version chop till you drop allows you to save your progress allot more often so that you dont loose your completion in the game in case you die.

Otis gives you mission that you have to escort people in the store after a while you find it boring because you always have to go back get the people and try to go back to the security room. I find it hard when you have to save 2 people and you escape from the zombies and the 2 people that you are saving are far behind you and they get attacked and you need to go save them.

On the Xbox 360 version Otis called you allot and you had to listen to him that was really annoying but now Otis call you rarely in this version.

When you play the game you are a journalist Frank West you cannot use the camera what is weird is that frank holds is camera at all times but you can`t use it like on the 360 version.

Like always you can use items in the mall or outside to kill the zombies with all the items that you use example :Shopping cart,baseball bat,lawnmower,guitar,you can drive a car use a skateboard,ect....

The cutscene are all there but not all the bosse`s are in the game i got to Cletus,Stephan,Butcher,Carlito, the last boss with the tank, the three people with the snipers, adam the clown and thats about it.

Graphics: Chop t`ill you drop and Dead rising on the 360 have similar graphics on the wii its more dark and not really sharp but on 360 its bright sharp and good looking but on wii the graphics are not good as mario kart and super smash bros brawl its not horrible but its good enough for a Wii game.

With the wii remote you can use tactics to kill the zombies you can smash them with a baseball bat or you can just to a football tackle and allot of different moves i think that aiming and shooting is allot easier because the zomibes won`t jump on you while you aim. There`s allot less zombies on the screen compared to the 360 version everytime you walk they spawn and that ruins the surprise in some way. The zombies bite you allot and ``Capcom`` decided to add new zombies there`s the dog that follows you everywhere there Jo the fat cop that follows you all the time and there`s parrot`s that drops bombs on you.

Sound: In every boss battle there`s music on the wii version you hear the boss making noise`s but you can hardly hear the music. On the 360 version the music was loud and thats what was adding the action to it but on dead rising chop till you drop you can hardly hear the music the volume of your television has to be at like 25 to hear it good.

Overall: I have played dead rising on the 360 version and i didn`t like it allot because it was kinda hard. I bought it on the wii and the first day i played it i played for 11 hours and the second day 6 hours and ect.... i really recommend this to Wii owners and people that likes to spend there time saving people exploring finding clues to the whole puzzle of the bizzare story that hides behind the wilamette Story.

This game is a pretty weird feeling at first but when you get in the game you cannot stop......

The game is still the same experience but the only thing that changed is the way that you can save more change blood setting and much more but the story asn`t changed.... I can`t wait for the next dead rising

4.0 out of 5.0 Great Game


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