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So I can get a little obsessive over things like this. I really want to have all the RIGs in the game. I'm currently on my second playthrough, and feeling wary of missing anything, I'm starting this thread  to keep track of what there is, help others, and hopefully learn about new ones. I don't remember all the information for everything, fill me if you do. Here it goes.

First Playthrough
Engineering- 5% armor, 10 slot inventory, no special bonuses, available at first store
Security- 10%,15, +5% pulse rifle damage, schematic in Chapter 4
Vintage- 15%, 20, 10% discount at stores, schematic in Chapter 8
Advanced- 20%, 25, 50% stasis recharge time, schematic in Chapter 11
New Game+
Riot Security- 25%, 25, +10% contact beam damage, available at first store
Elite Engineering- 25%, 25, +15% medpack heal, schematic in Chapter 1
Elite Vintage- 25%, 25, 15% discount at stores, schematic in Chapter 6
Elite Security- 25%, 25, 15% javelin gun damage, schematic in Chapter 9
Elite Advanced- 25%, 25, +10% all weapons damage +15% stasis duration, schematic in Chapter 11
Arctic Security- 25%, 25, +10% flamethrower damage, available at first store after beating Zealot
Soldier- 25%, 25, +10% seeker damage, available at first store after beating Hardcore
Zealot- 15%, 15, +5% force gun damage, available at first store with collectors edition
Hacker- 15%, 15, -1 hacking stage, schematic in Chapter 2 with Dead Space: Ignition save

If I'm missing or wrong about anything, let me know so I can update this. Also, I'm not going to count the DLC suits because I'm not paying $15 extra for that stuff.
UPDATE: I believe that these are all the suit unlocks. Kind of disappointed that there is nothing better than the Elite Advanced suit, even after beating hardcore.

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I thnk the security suit is on chapter 5/6, not very long after you get pulse rifle.
Also, I hope that new game + can be used on higher difficulty (apart from hardcore mode ofc) because it makes no sense in having to finished the same game on the same difficulty with better suits.
Also, does this mean you can't upgrade your suits as in DS1? I kinda thought that after just getting to chapter 7, only 4 suits? (I happened to have access to zealot and hacker as well, but still :/)

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@amir90:  You can new game+ everything into any difficulty besides hardcore. I just started my zealot playthrough with a fully upgraded elite advanced suit and plasma cutter.
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 You forgot the suits you get when you buy the dlc packs.  


  • EarthGov Security Suit (increases damage 5% for detonator, Seeker Rifle, Pulse Rifle) 
  • Bloody Vintage Suit (increases damage 5% for Flamethrower, Javelin Gun, Force Gun) 
  • Forged Engineering Suit (15% medpack bonus)
  • Heavy-Duty Vintage Suit (increases damage 5% for Line Gun, Detonator, Contact Beam0
  • Hazard Suit (5% increase to Stasis duration)
  • Triage Suit (10% medpack bonus)
  • Shockpoint Suit (decreases Stasis recharge 5%)
Thanks to user  VIckersZombie on for posting this information. 
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@amir90:  Just found the security suit again in Chapter 4.
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Love the vintage suit. It's like if someone made a RIG for the Big Daddy.

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@Slaker117: so true :D
Is it cheap of me to change to this suit whenever I want to buy something? :P
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Apparently I missed the Vintage Suit schematic. Not sure how, I searched every open room. 
EDIT: Just FYI, if you miss the Vintage Suit schematic, or the Large Med Pack schematic, you get them automatically at the first store in Chapter 10.

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@amir90 said:
" @Slaker117: so true :D  Is it cheap of me to change to this suit whenever I want to buy something? :P "
I did that too lol
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I'm almost certain that this list is now complete. Hope it helps someone out there.

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@GTFan712 said:
" Apparently I missed the Vintage Suit schematic. Not sure how, I searched every open room.  EDIT: Just FYI, if you miss the Vintage Suit schematic, or the Large Med Pack schematic, you get them automatically at the first store in Chapter 10. "
Oh lord, thank you. I found the Large Med Pack schematic, but apparently missed the Vintage Suit schematic - glad to know I'll get it soon (I'm on Chapter 9 now). Thanks!
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Can someone explain where the elite advanced suit is? I still haven't found it yet and I'm on my 5th run...

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@JTB123:  In chapter 11 there is a large elevator that you fight nercomorphs on while riding. Once that elevator reaches the top, look over the railing opposite the exit. The schematic should be there.
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@Slaker117: Thanks for the info :)
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I thought there were more preorder/special edition suits.  Thanks for clearing that up.

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thanks for the information on the suits.

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Can you please add the location of each suit.

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how about MP mode suit? is that applied to SP when you achieve? by the way, DS 2 server looks like shit to find players. it takes forever when I click quick match. so far I only played 15 minutes total. this is sucks. as far as I know, MP has level 60 and gives you 14 or 15 different suits upgrade. have any of you been reach to level 59, and got Visceral suit? I am just curious how it looks like. on leaderboard, NO1 is level 53 now. 

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what suit is Brad wearing during his quicklook (the 2nd portion of the quicklook)? 
He's barely wearing a suit at all it looks like...I love the look of it.  I've youtubed all the suits I've heard of and have not seen that suit anywhere.  I'm rather disappointed with most of the suits...seems like majority of them are just re-skins.  I seem to recall Dead Space 1 had many different suits that were modeled differently and everything.  A lot of the suits in Dead Space 2 seem to be just re-skins of the Security suit.

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@handlas:  I believe that you are referring to the hacker suit. You can only unlock it if you play Dead Space Ignition.
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@Slaker117: ah!  For some reason I was thinking the Hazard and the Hacker suit were the same thing. Thanks
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Why is the PC version so boned? </3

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You can also unlock the Patrol suit and rifle :)  
all you need to do is buy the Severed DLC and whenever you start a new game in campaign you will have the patrol suit and seeker rifle at the first shop. 
It has 15% armour and 15 inventory slots.

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I love the comment to views ratio. 

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@EpicSteve:  I noticed that awhile ago. As it turns out, this thread is the second result in Google for "Dead Space 2 suits".

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